CFD Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis refers to the use of simulation software through which air flow and air temperature anywhere in an environment can be predicted. This is achieved by creating a detailed model of the room dimensions, equipment and cooling system on a computer using the CFD software. Through solving a series of complex mathematical equations, a virtual representation of the environment with detailed temperature and air flow data at any given point is generated.

This form of analysis is commonly used in the assessment of issues such as pedestrian comfort, facade design, positioning of air intakes and exhausts, and the distribution of contaminants throughout a site and its surroundings. Using CFD software, one can virtually “build” a model based on the design one wishes to analyse. Through application of real-life physics and chemistry, the results generated, images and data, can then be used to predict the performance of that design. CFD provides the convenience and accuracy of seeing one’s design come to life without having to physically build it, and through that, the pros and cons can be accurately predicted and corrected or enhanced at almost no cost to construction at all.

Plume Dispersion Analysis

External Wind Flow Analysis


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