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ESD ConsultancyEcologically Sustainable Development (ESD) refers to the environmental component of sustainable development. While urban development is an on-going process, for the sake of future generations, present generation should seek to maintain or enhance the health, diversity and productivity of the environment by placing emphasis on the environmental aspect in the valuation of assets and services.

Building serves as an interaction between form, materials, occupants, service plant, control systems and climate. Thus, building planning and design is important in ensuring that the interaction of these factors is cohesive and harmonious.

Virtually, this can be achieved through the use of simulation software which allows the designers the ability to “materialise” the building based on their specifications. Building simulation involves recognising and analysing the problems and creating a workable model. Running a simulation basis the required fields will generate results for analysis.

Through analysing the results, the energy consumption, thermal/visual/acoustic comfort, passive/active solar potential, indoor air quality, environmental impact and much more can then be investigated before the intangible designs take physical form. To achieve energy management and resource conservation requires effective retrofit and innovatory design measures. Both modelling and simulation are techniques that can assist in promoting the effective but frugal use of energy resources in buildings.


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