Passive Displacement Ventilation (PDV)


This product works on the science of “hot air rises cold air sinks”.

  • PDV works by providing cold air supply directly to the occupants or heat load within the indoor space.
  • The cold air is supplied near the floor at very low velocity. The cold air will spread across the rooms until it comes into contact with heat sources.
  • Upon contact with the heat source, the cold air will slowly rise as it picks up heat from the occupants or heat load.
  • The warm stale air will rise towards the ceiling where it will be exhausted from the space.

What we like about this system?

1) Due to the low velocity of the supply air and the science behind the air distribution, undesirable draft or uneven coldness is eliminated, leading to greater occupant comfort

2) Acoustics wise, un-matched by conventional systems with mechanical fans

3) Substantial reduction in maintenance costs due to absence of mechanical fans

4) Less structural consideration due to reduced ductwork

The best part about this system, it’s not only energy-saving and efficient, it integrates easily into the design of the interior. Thus, no more bulky air-con units, no more unsightly air ducts or air vents! Below are some pictures of the integration. Implementation is hassle-free, regardless of whether it’s a new or existing office.

More information can be found in Passive Displacement Ventilation (PDV)


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