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About Earth In Mind


We are Earth-In-Mind

We believe that sustainable design is our future.

Earth-In-Mind (EIM) is a firm involved in sustainable design, in line with the worldwide green movement. EIM provides consultancy service to design energy-efficient buildings, working with architects and consultants in building designs. To ensure occupant comfort and most importantly, efficient use of energy, EIM conducts investigations and various situational analysis through use of advanced software so our clients can be completely assured of our advice. EIM also provides Green Mark consultancy, reflecting our commitment to complement the government’s (BCA) Green Masterplan.


Earth-In-Mind (EIM) comprises of a team of dedicated professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds encompassing mechanical, civil & structural, environmental, facilities management and more. Beyond being mere followers of standards, criteria and regulations, EIM’s thorough and complete understanding of the regulatory requirements enables EIM to think out-of-the-box, providing constructive, workable advice to our clients where situation arises, so the best of both worlds can be attained for the clients and the regulatory bodies.


Earth-In-Mind (EIM) is a corporate member of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and is certified under SGBC for providing Ecologically Sustainable Design.